Autistics ARE empathetic

I recently found this article on wordpress but I couldn’t reblog it so I thought I’d make a post linking to it and talk about my own experiences of empathy.

This post I agree with. I’m very empathetic. Mostly in situations I can relate in someway. Sometimes my being too logical takes over my initial thoughts/reactions but once I realize that someone’s hurt, I feel sorry for them. I often find myself stimming in suspense when watching TV shows and movies when bad things are about to happen or are happening. I hate when people I care about are suffering and just the other day at the hospital. An elderly lady dropped her walking stick when she was signing in. So I picked it up for her.
I get really upset when pets die and I feel like I’m going to burst and simultaneously overly anxious when my mum cries because I love her and don’t want her to be unhappy or suffering. I don’t ever wanna be around one of my sisters but I do for my nephews. Especially because the oldest I have a strange but awesome relationship with. I’m his favourite person. We’re pretty sure he’s on the spectrum (except his overly opinionated mother with zero knowledge on the subject) which irritates me because I don’t want him to have the same struggles I did. There’s so much more support now compared to when I was his age. I may only be 22 now but a lot has changed. It could be different for him and I want that for him.

Here’s a picture I took of him when we were talking while he was on his swing.


I wish people could be more understanding or at least try and do some research to understand more. All my other sister can say is

we don’t see the world the way you do
That doesn’t mean she’s incapable of googling and trying to understand me better. Which also hurts.

We’re very capable and do feel empathy. I feel emotions very deeply and don’t know how to deal with them. I know some aspies online who also do. People just need to be patient and understand.


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